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Installing Dryzone Damp-proofing Cream

Installing Dryzone damp-proofing cream is extremely quick and easy. The step-by-step guide on this page outlines how to use Dryzone to damp-proof a standard brick wall. For information on damp-proofing other types of walls, such as random stone walls, consult our guide to “Rising Damp and its Control,” available from our brochure download page.

Drill holes for Dryzone injection

1. Drill Holes

Drill holes at 120mm centres along the mortar course of the walled to be damp-proofed using a 12mm drill-bit. Holes should be drilled to a depth slightly less than the thickness of the wall - see full instructions for suggested drilling depths for common wall thicknesses.

Insert Dryzone cartridge

2. Prepare Gun (1)

Unscrew the nozzle attachment from the Dryzone gun and insert the Dryzone cartridge.

Pierce Dryzone cartridge

3. Prepare Gun (2)

Pierce the Dryzone cartridge using a sharp knife.

Inject Dryzone DPC Cream into wall

4. Inject Dryzone damp-proofing cream

Replace the nozzle and screw tight. Insert the nozzle of the Dryzone gun into the full depth of the first pre-drilled hole. Squeeze the gun trigger and back-fill the hole to within one centimetre of the surface. When damp-proofing cavity walls, make certain that the holes in each leaf are filled.

Dryzone dampproofing cream filling the hole

5. Finish the job

Fill the rest of the holes with Dryzone damp-proofing cream in the same manner. When treating plastered walls, the plaster will have to be hacked off and replaced according to the specification described in our guide to “Rising Damp and its Control,” available from our brochure download page.

Depth and distance of the drillholes

Wallthickness: 110mm 220mm 330mm 440mm
Depth of drillholes: 100 mm 190 mm 310 mm 430 mm
Distance between drillholes: 120 mm 120 mm 120 mm 120 mm

How many tubes of Dryzone will you need?

Wallthickness: 110mm 220mm 330mm 440mm
Length of wall:  
10m 1.5 3.0 5.1 7.0
20m 3.0 6.0 10.2 13.0
30m 4.6 9.0 15.3 21.0
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